Call for General Meeting

Update – 3rd March

Please see an update here.


Summary Position – February 2017

  • Many members are dissatisfied with the current boards governance, leadership and oversight of the organisation, they are requesting a full election for all Director positions be held.
  • In order to force a full election of all AISA Directors, in line with AISA’s constitution, we propose that the membership call a General Meeting where a resolution will be tabled to:
    • Declare the current board vacant; and
    • Elect an Interim Board for a period of 30 days to:
      • ensure the organisation continues to operate as per normal; and
      • facilitate a full election of all Director roles as soon as possible as prescribed in the Constitution.
  • Contrary to statements from the current board:
    • We are not seeking to shrink the board, rather we are putting in place a highly experienced temporary board who will act on the members wishes and immediately call a full election for all Director positions, the size of the board is governed by the constitution, this will not change.
    • The call for a full election is also not related to “changes to the employed executive team”, it is about a general dissatisfaction from the membership with the current boards governance and leadership of the organisation.
  • To read the full open letter to all AISA members, please click here.


Details – February 2017

Many AISA members will be aware of recent events that have negatively impacted our association.  Publicity through an ITNews article and social media postings by AISA members venting their frustration about how AISA has been recently managed have tarnished AISA’s image in the industry. For those of us who have been AISA members and volunteers for many years, this is a sad turn of events.

A large group of concerned members now believe that the board has lost it’s mandate to lead the organisation, as such we are seeking to call a full election for all positions.  As the board has refused to run this election we are seeking to force this change ourselves.

To read the full open letter to all AISA members, please click here.

To support our call for the board to run  a full election please complete the petition available here

All member information will be kept confidential and provided to the board only once the requisite number of signatures have been received. We will regularly publish the total numbers of signatures on this page.