March 3rd

As you will now be aware the AISA Board has called an EGM for the 24th March to consider the resolution that we put forward, whilst the resolution is now worded slightly differently the intent remains the same.

Thank-you goes out to everyone who signed the petition and provided their time in getting to this point.

The communication from last night was the first we have received from the board since the petition was submitted.

The Board noted that the “petition failed to meet the requisite number of signatures”, to date we have received no further information on why this is the case other than what was included in the notice to all members.  We provided the first 150 signatures to the Board which was over 5% of members based on the latest annual reports, regardless we continued to collect signatures and without doubt now hold a margin that we would consider to be significantly over 5%.

Now that the meeting has been called it is imperative that your voice is heard, please ensure that you attend the meeting in person on the 24th March or if unavailable send in your proxy form.  Full details are available on the AISA website: https://www.aisa.org.au/Public/AboutAISA/Annual_General_Meeting/Extraordinary_General_Meeting_2017.aspx


February 14th

This Members Call for a General Meeting was launched on Monday the 6th of February.

Inside of three days of launching, we had received more than, what we currently understand, to be the requisite 5% of the financial membership signing the call.  Due to discrepancies in the reported total number of members we understand it to be approximately 2,800.

Upon collecting the required 5% of member signatures, including a healthy buffer, we prepared everything and on Friday last week (the 10th) submitted the full details of the call for a general meeting to the board – they are yet to respond in any format to this request.  Legally they now have 21 days from the 10th February to call the general meeting at which the proposed resolution will be put to a vote.

We are going to keep the call for signatures open for the time being, this will enable us to continue to gather support from the membership as we move forward.

Thanks for your support.