Open Letter To AISA Members

To support our call for the board to run  a full election please complete the petition available here

Many AISA members will be aware of recent events that have negatively impacted our association.  Publicity through an ITNews article and social media postings by AISA members venting their frustration about how AISA has been recently managed have tarnished AISA’s image in the industry. For those of us who have been AISA members and volunteers for many years, this is a sad turn of events.

AISA’s core purpose is to support the members professionally, promote the betterment of the information security industry, and enhance the security of all Australians.  Many members have expressed to us, the undersigned, the feeling that recent events have derailed this purpose. Many have also told us they feel that the current board has lost its mandate to represent the organisation. They have demanded that something be done.

The AISA board needs to demonstrate leadership, strong governance, respect for its members, and must make sensible decisions that fulfil on AISA’s purpose. Many members hold the view that the current board has not displayed these skills and in failing to do so has lost the confidence of the members.

To resolve the current situation and enable the organisation to move forward, the current Board was requested to immediately call a full election for all Director roles. To date the Board has declined to do this.

Therefore, in line with AISA’s constitution, we propose that the membership call a General Meeting where a resolution will be tabled to:

  1. Declare the current board vacant; and
  2. Elect an Interim Board for a period of 30 days to:
    1. ensure the organisation continues to operate as per normal; and
    2. facilitate a full election of all Director roles as soon as possible as prescribed in the Constitution.

In consultation with many current and former AISA executives and members the following people have been nominated to act as members of the Interim Board due to their experience in senior leadership positions within AISA over many years:

Benn Dullard

  • Chair of the Board 2012 – 2013, 2015
  • National Executive 2009 – 2015
  • Sydney Branch Committee 2006 – 2009

Keith Price

  • National Director 2009 – 2011
  • Director National Conference 2012
  • Sydney Branch Executive 2006 – 2008

Steve Simpson

  • Perth Branch Chair 2010-2015
  • Perth Branch committee member 2007-2015
  • AISA Volunteer of the year 2013

Jodie Siganto:

  • Chair AISA Policy Committee 2014 – 2016
  • Member AISA Policy Committee 2013 – 2014
  • Member of AISA Education Committee 2015 – 2016

The four aforementioned members have all acknowledged that they will not stand for a Director role in the upcoming election and they will not stay on as AISA Directors in any capacity once the election has been completed, within 30 days of the General Meeting.

In order to call a general meeting at which the proposal can be voted upon by the members we require 5% of the membership, approximately 200 members, to support this request.  If enough members support the call for a General Meeting then the resolution as outlined below will be put to the meeting and decided on by a majority vote, if you support the call for the General Meeting it is imperative that when the meeting is scheduled you attend the meeting in person or send in a proxy form so as your vote is counted.

Yours sincerely,

Benn Dullard, Keith Price, Steve Simpson, Jodie Siganto

We ask for your support to enable AISA to move forward with the highest standards of governance and professionalism by completing the petition here.